09/28/06 – Calling Marvin

09/27/06 – You don’t want the breadsticks!
September 27, 2006
09/29/06 – Keyser Soze
September 29, 2006
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I slept WAY late today… 1:15 to be exact..  And headed into Ferndale to a used guitar shop… Today I’m on the hunt for a hard case for my Fender Strat.  No dice there… So I headed to Guitar Center in Southfield.

I actually was at the Grand Opening for this store back in 1996 with an old friend John.. whom I haven’t seen in about 9 years… wow that takes me back…  I walked out with much less money, and with a guitar case and 1/4 inch cable in hand.

I headed home just in time for…. Calling Marvin (both the band and the unemployment insurance number).  I called in and started the process…  Also, I got an e-mail from  Mark-us (drummer from the BAND Calling Marvin)… It was quite a coincidence.   I’m starting to plug myself back into the music scene so I wanted to start and re-connect with some friends and bands… I think I may grab coffee tomorrow afternoon w/ Mark-us to discuss some music and hang a bit.

I played my strat a bit tonight.. I’m really loving to play more and more..  and the writing is coming along slowly but surely.

Ended the night with the final update for The Verve Pipe’s myspace and watching some Saved By The Bell… yes, Saved By The Bell.   Peace out!