09/29/06 – Keyser Soze

09/28/06 – Calling Marvin
September 28, 2006
09/30/06 – The key doesn’t fit
September 30, 2006
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Left early (about 3pm) to head over to Jenny’s.  I surprised her by mowing her lawn and putting away the cover of her gazebo.  We planted some flowers in her front garden and then she made us a great spaghetti dinner.

It was an awesome dinner and we rounded out the evening by Having some tea & brownies and relaxing to some candles and watching The Usual Suspects… I had seen the tail end of it once… and this movie had me wrapped into it for the entire course of the flick… It was great.

We laid in bed talking until 2:30am before passing out… It was a great Friday night.