09/30/06 – The key doesn’t fit

09/29/06 – Keyser Soze
September 29, 2006
10/01/06 – Cider Mills and Bumble Bees
October 1, 2006
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We slept in quite late and had a quick breakfast.  We headed to Home Depot to get some things and a spare key made for me for her place…  Got back to her house and unloaded.  The key didn’t fit so we went back to the Depot and got another…

Today was filled with errands around the area.  We were ready to pass out and did not have the energy to cook.  We opted to grab some Chinese and call it a night    We were both just exhausted… We watched some “The First 48” which is a police show about the first 48 hours of a murder investigation.  I love that show.   We fell fast asleep.  Another busy day ahead tomorrow.