10/01/06 – Cider Mills and Bumble Bees

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Woke up today… had some bad dreams and didn’t sleep well at all.  It was about noon when I got out of bed.  I made Jenny & I a waffle breakfast… No bisquick this time.. I made it from scratch.. and if I may say.. they were GREAT.  We planted some more flowers and then got some things done in the house..  Both not in the best of moods, neither of us slept well and a bit stressed about the amount of work we’re in the midst of.   But October is here and we’re looking forward to the Winter.

We decided to take a break and head up to Yates’ Cider Mill in Rochester Hills…  Got some cider & donuts.  We went to the park across the street to have them but the bees wouldn’t leave us alone… so we headed back home, stopping by Meijer on the way.  I listened to the Detroit Lions get their asses handed to them once again… Most don’t see me as a sports fan.. But I do get into the NFL every fall..  But my boys (The Lions) are off to a 0-4 start… not good!

We got some groceries and headed back where Jenny cooked an incredible chicken dinner.

Tonight was the night that I dread with every tour I’m on… receipts and accounting… I spent the evening organizing and inputing reciepts into Excel..  It took about 4.5 hours or so. But I’ve officially wrapped up the paperwork for the Ashton Allen tour.

Oh..  as you may know… I’ve been pretty ‘safe’ when it comes to my coffee & tea drinks… usually sticking to plain tea with milk & sugar, hot chocolate, or the occasional Pumpkin Spice Latte… She opened me up to a whole new world and a whole new drink favorite for me… ‘original’ Chai Tea Latte from “Oregon Chai.” I tell you… it is my new favorite by far… I think I had 5 cups of it over the weekend… which reminds me, I need to buy her some more!

It’s 2am in the wee hours of Monday and I’m winding down quickly, Jenny is fast asleep next to me and I’m lucky as can be.. Glad to be home, with my girl, and back in Michigan.   I’m starting to plug myself back into the Michigan music scene which is pretty exciting for me.  I’m getting sleepy so I think I’m gonna get some sleep here.