10/02/06 – A Case of the Mondays

10/01/06 – Cider Mills and Bumble Bees
October 1, 2006
10/03/06 – Green Lantern
October 3, 2006
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I barely slept last night and felt it all day today… I made it home and decided to practice the drums a bit… a half hour later, I was exhausted, likely due to a lack of sleep…. I spent the day chillin’ in my room and watching Saved By The Bell…  Tomorrow I’m gonna try and sleep in and head back to Jenny’s for a few days.

I’ve been talking with a few musicians in the area and may go out this weekend to jam/audition for a slot playing drums… should be a blast… Drums is always my #1 instrument so it will be fun to play with some other people again.

I need to sleep…  it’s a bit warm in the house so I think I’ll crack a window.