10/08/06 – Auditions, Applications, and Bike Rides.

10/07/06 – The Tigers Advance!
October 7, 2006
10/09/06 – Songwriting
October 9, 2006
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I got up at 6am (not cool).. but we were heading home.. Busy day today.

I got back to Highland at about noon and tuned around and left 5 minutes later.. I had to run to Ann Arbor to drop off a job application (haven’t done that in a long time).  I then headed over to Bellville for an audition.. I was auditioning to play drums in a pop/rock band.. I think it went really well.. I had a blast either way and It was really great to meet Chris, Phil, and Carly.

I then headed over to Madison Heights to Jenny’s house.  She had some studying to still do so I hung out and watched the Lions continue to be winless… another loss, sadly!  I mowed the lawn and we adjusted my new bike and had hers ready to go.  We did a nice 4 mile ride on a beautiful fall day.

Came home, had dinner and wound down the night.. we were both exhausted and fell asleep pretty fast.