10/09/06 – Songwriting

10/08/06 – Auditions, Applications, and Bike Rides.
October 8, 2006
10/10/06 – Chicken ala King
October 10, 2006
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I got back home round noon and made some lunch….  I caught up on some e-mail and cleaning my room… but then decided… I have a new song in me.

So I rushed down to the basement and plugged in the ole Strat (see my new photo) and I started writing.  I got about half way done with the song (music and lyrics).  And it’s really exciting me.  since “Letting Go,” I’ve only written a handful of lyrics and had a guitar riff here and there… This song is coming together nicely, like “Letting Go” did.

I decided to go grab some pizza at Little Caesars.  I gave my MySpace page a new facelift and a Detroit Tigers look.

It was a good day.. I’m glad I got a big jump on this new song… Perhaps tomorrow I’ll try and finish it!