10/14/05 – Tour Update – Austin TX

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10/13/05 – Tour Update – Mobile AL-Austin TX (travel day)
October 13, 2005
10/15/05 – Tour Update – Denton TX
October 15, 2005
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I slept in the most comfortable bed last night…. Ashley’s place is the bomb…. I awoke around 9:30-10 and sent some emails and such. then Ashley showed me her chicken coop outside in the back yard, where I got to harvest some eggs from the chickens… that was a cool first… We met Tom, Chelsea, and the other great folks @ High Wire Music for Dinner before tonight’s show. It was so great catching up with them…. then next door at the show, we ran into an emergency sound situation, so much thanks to my friend Dustin, we were able to track down a PA very quickly and run back and still do the show… Sarah Shanksy was a great singer and a really nice girl… and was kind to switch order so we could get the PA… my above mentioned friend, Dustin Stroud, came out to the show… I first met him in very early 2002 or late 2001 even when i worked for Columbia Records… He was the guitar player and background singer (occasional lead) for the Austin TX rock band Riddlin’ Kids. They were easily one of my favorite bands I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with… and I walked away with Dustin as a very dear friend… We were fortunate enough to get to catch up with each other, which was incredible. had a good show, caught up with an old friend, and returned the PA…. all in a day’s work… I type this blog from Ashley’s lap top (mine’s still in the shop)… Oh… i posted a few new pics today… and I almost forgot the biggest landmark of today…. I weighed myself today for the first time in a while…. and I am currently weighing in at 190 pounds!!!!!! That’s a total loss of 137 pounds!! I couldn’t believe it!