10/15/05 – Tour Update – Denton TX

10/14/05 – Tour Update – Austin TX
October 14, 2005
10/16/05 – Tour Update – Denton TX
October 16, 2005
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We made our way from Austin up to Denton TX where we were to play a club called Banter…. however, as we got 2 blocks from the club… the car died!!

We push it to the side of the road… Marlise came to town to suprise Ashton, and fortunately, her friend Danny is a mechanic…. so i loaded gear into the club as he started working…   basically the compresser in the air locked up, causing the alternator to burn up and the battery to die….  its going to take some time to fix all this… after a super stressful gig, we leave the car on the side of the road and pile into danny’s car at 5am to get back… car still not working…