10/19/06 – I forgot my guitar!

10/18/06 – Home Depot & Krispy Kreme
October 18, 2006
10/20/06 – Back in the studio
October 20, 2006
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Yesterday I started planning to go into the studio w/ my good friend Tim Smith of The Soundscape Recording Studio.  However, when heading to Jenny’s I neglected to grab my Strat and my amp…  so after mowing Jenny’s lawn and showering, I left around 12:30 to head back home to get my gear.  I caught my mom as she was heading out of town for a conference..

I packed the car back up and stopped  by Brian Kuzma’s place to borrow his bass.  I got back to Jenny’s and had lunch before she got home, so I worked on some music.

We headed out and I picked up some Young’s Chinese (my favorite place) and got back to her house to have a relaxing dinner in.

Tomorrow I hit the studio! I’m excited to get back into it.