10/20/06 – Back in the studio

10/19/06 – I forgot my guitar!
October 19, 2006
10/21/06 – Out and About
October 21, 2006
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First off.  a big happy birthday to my mom!

I got up early.. excited to be hitting the studio. I grabbed some Starbucks and headed over to the studio in Royal Oak.

I beat Tim there by a half hour and we loaded in my gear.

I decided to first start the re-recording process for “Letting Go” since that’s what I had most prepared.

I got the drum tracks recorded on top of a scratch guitar track..  It sounds good… my tempo and feel is getting better.

We had about a half hour left in the session I decided that I needed to get basic scratch tracks down for the new tune “Calendar Year”  I needed a guide that I could take with me to finish writing the song… so I have drums, electric guitar, and a rough vocal now so I want to try and finish soon.

Finished up at about 7 and headed home… picked up a pizza, which I didn’t even want… so I ate one piece…  Jenny came over and we decided to go grab dinner @ TGIFriday’s in Novi…. we got the sesame jack chicken strips… both the food and service was absolutely HORRIBLE!!

Defeated we headed home and crashed out… both tired.. we have a busy day ahead tomorrow!