10/24/06 – Taj Mahal Tour – Burlington, VT

10/23/06 – Taj Mahal Tour – Travel to Vermont
October 23, 2006
10/25/06 – Taj Mahal Tour – Travel Day
October 25, 2006
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Headed downtown with Rich & Danny for a few hours before heading over to the club.  Today is going to be my busiest day, as I haven’t seen any of the merch yet,

So I spent quite a few hours sorting and organizing to get ready for the first show tonight..  We played @ Higher Ground in Burlington, VT.. It was a great crowd and A LOT of fun.. I’m having a great time on this tour thus far!

We have a huge tour bus which is way comfortable and decked out (pictures coming in the upcoming days).

I’m pretty beat, so I’m gonna head to bed.