10/30/05 – Tour Update – Tacoma WA (day off)

10/29/05 – Tour Update – Tacoma WA
October 29, 2005
10/31/05 – Tour Update – Olympia / Spokane WA (day off)
October 31, 2005
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finally… i slept in until 3pm!! yes!!!  i feel like ass today.. but still have the motivation to redesign my site…

in the midst of that, we take a breat to grab grub and catch a movie…   we saw the movie… “The Fog”  it was horrible… and i do NOT reccomend it to anybody.. at least it was free… anways…

tonight my new site went live….  its not too bad i suppose… i just needed a bit of a change..

check out  www.michaelgrosvenor.com