10/31/05 – Tour Update – Olympia / Spokane WA (day off)

10/30/05 – Tour Update – Tacoma WA (day off)
October 30, 2005
11/1/05 – Tour Update – Spokane WA
November 1, 2005
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Today, my dear friend Becca is celebrating her birthday… It’s also the birthday of my late Grandma Robinson, whom I miss every day.

We awoke at 10 to do radio at noon in Olympia.. it was a blast…. then we made our way towards Olympia… and stopped mid-way to do some copies and send some mail (business stuff)… we arrived in Spokane at 8:30 and grabbed dinner at Chili’s then off to the Travelodge next door… we have a crazy day tomorrow….  Radio at noon, in-store at 5, and gig at 8.

Happy Halloween!!

tired, bed, goodnight.