11/1/05 – Tour Update – Spokane WA

10/31/05 – Tour Update – Olympia / Spokane WA (day off)
October 31, 2005
11/2/05 – Tour Update – Spokane WA
November 2, 2005
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Slept in for once and headed out to Barnes & Noble to do an in-store… it went great.

We played a show tonight at a rock club called The Blvd. with our new friends Buffalo Jones, Mark Ward & Kelsey.

it was a tiny crowd and the club’s air didn’t work… but we made fast friends with those there…  at the end of the night 311’s Nick Hexum apparently walked in to look for music with some ass-kisser’s in tow… i didn’t pay much mind… too cold and tired!

We made a b-line down the street back to the hotel… wireless internet and HEAT!  i love it.