11/01/06 – Taj Mahal Tour – Charleston, SC

10/31/06 – Taj Mahal Tour – Charleston, SC (Travel Day)
October 31, 2006
11/02/06 – Taj Mahal Tour – Atlanta, GA (Travel Day)
November 2, 2006
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I’d never been to Charleston before… and It very quickly entered my top 15 or top 10 U.S. cities..  It was way cool.. You can comfortably and safely walk the entire area and there are great shops as far as the eye can see or feet can walk!

I walked around with Danny & Vink for a while before getting back to the bus for load in.  It was a busy night.. which is always good for me.

Danny got me a room for tonight.. so I crashed out in the hotel.. way comfortable.

The show tomorrow in Knoxville, TN was cancelled… so we’re heading to Atlanta tomorrow which is really exciting… Atlanta being a 2nd home to me.. I always look forward to trying to see some old friends!

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