11/02/06 – Taj Mahal Tour – Atlanta, GA (Travel Day)

11/01/06 – Taj Mahal Tour – Charleston, SC
November 1, 2006
11/03/06 – Taj Mahal Tour – Atlanta, GA
November 3, 2006
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Got into Atlanta and went out and grabbed dinner with my friend and former roommate, Jamie.  It was great to see him and catch up.  He’s a good friend.

We stayed off of Exit 1 on GA-400.  The last time I was there.. there was a huge hole where K-Mart used to be…  now it’s this HUGE development with a Target, Best Buy, Waffle House, Starbucks, and tons more… So I walked around, got some things before I met up with Jamie.

Tomorrow we play the Roxy in Atlanta which is really exciting!