11/12/05 – Atlanta GA

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11/11/05 – Atlanta GA
November 11, 2005
11/13/05 – Atlanta GA
November 13, 2005
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So my dad stayed @ Ben & Kim’s house with me so he didn’t have to get a hotel room.. we parked the car against the curb across from their house..  This morning my dad got up super early to head out of town, around 5:30-6am..  My dad went out to start it cause he had a 15 hour drive with the U-Haul.. then came in to wake me up and say bye, and in the mean time, some bastard ran into my car… with it running and the lights on…  they hit it so hard that it broke the driver’s side headlight and tore the front bumper right off.  I was so pissed, as was my dad that someone just did a lot of damage to my car and took off!!

But he needed to head to Michigan so he picked up the bumper from the ground and put it in the car…   he hit my car hard enough that the pieces of the broken headlight landed about 4 feet away in the grass…  It took me 3 hours to fall back asleep after that…

I finally re-woke up at 1pm and started my day.. still fuming about the hit and run…  i did some computer work and sent some emails.. I made myself breakfast and then ventured out to Alpharetta to hang with my good friend and former roomate Danny…  like old times, we had dinner, watched TV, played video games, and talked music! It was great… I headed home about 12:30am to finish my breakfast and get back online…  I’m beat though… and still frustrated about the car.

oh big news… the november/december barnes and noble tour isn’t happening, which means that I will be moving back to Michigan the week after thanksgiving!!!  get ready!