11/23/05 – Mt. Dora FL

11/22/05 – Alpharetta GA
November 22, 2005
11/24/05 – Mt. Dora FL
November 24, 2005
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Ashton picked me up at 10am and we headed to the Livewire office to have a meeting and see the folks before we left. We got out of town around 1pm

I was feeling sick so took some pepto which did the trick. we finally rolled into FL at 9pm… It’s strange being ‘on the road’ after 2 weeks off…

I’m packed tight and have everything pretty much ready to fly up to Michigan on Tuesday.

We’re staying with Ashton’s parents tonight and tomorrow before we had into Gainesville on Friday for the Big Sky show.  I need to crazh and sleep off the stomach ache.

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