11/24/05 – Mt. Dora FL

11/23/05 – Mt. Dora FL
November 23, 2005
11/25/05 – Tour Update – Gainesville FL (Big Sky reunion)
November 25, 2005
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It’s too bad that we focus on being thankful only one day a year… but it does serve as a good reminder of how fortunate we all are… I know I sure as hell am… I have great friends, a job that I love with one of my best friends (Ashton) a wonderful family, and have regained control of my health!  I’m so excited for the possibilities of 2006.

I slept in WAAAY late today and didn’t wake up until 2pm with Ashton knocking on my door saying ‘hey dinner is ready!’  Now that first made me think I had slept til 5-6 pm… but alas they had dinner ready early…  so I made my way upstairs and watched the Lions get their asses handed to them  by the Falcons…

now you see I have become a Falcons fan since my days in Atlanta but the Detroit Lions are my boys… unfortunately, things didn’t go well for them and they lost… by quite a margin…  We had a wonderful dinner with Ashton’s Mom & Dad and just relaxed and took in some football.. The Allen’s are like my second family so it’s always great to be here with them. I am, however, very excited to go up and see my family next week!

Tomorrow is the Big, Big Sky reunion show in Gainesville… and having that band been a HUGE part of my life for 3 years… I’m very excited to see everybody again… then… back to Atlanta I go for the weekend before I fly to my new home in Michigan on tuesday AM.