11/25/05 – Tour Update – Gainesville FL (Big Sky reunion)

11/24/05 – Mt. Dora FL
November 24, 2005
11/26/05 – Atlanta GA
November 26, 2005
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So today was the day… after 11 months, Big Sky came together for a one-off reunion show… Ashton and I arrived at 4pm where Ben and Mark were already in the parking lot… It was very surreal to be in a room with Chris, Dave, Kenny, Mark, Ashton, and Ben all together again…   Since it had been 11 months since they’ve played… they spent some time rehearsing…

It was nothing but fun… they ran through a good chunk of the set… and we all sat around talking for a while…. everybody ventured out and I started setting up merch for Ashton & Big Sky.  I ran a few blocks to get a drink and came back to about 50 peopl in line waiting to get in, which rocked!

I ventured inside… My friends Jamie and Jill helped me sell merch tonight which was way cool of them….  It was awesome seeing some old friends and making some new ones…. It was strange seeing Big Sky playing again, but so fun…  Ashton played to his largest crowd this tour…  Jamie & I took off for Atlanta at 3:30am… we’re driving into the night!  I’m hanging in Atlanta for Saturday – Monday before I fly back to Michigan on Tuesday AM.