11/28/05 – Atlanta GA (last day in GA)

11/27/05 – Atlanta GA
November 27, 2005
11/29/05 – Highland MI
November 29, 2005
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Clay Cook and I met for lunch today to discuss the release of the new Clay Cook & The Torches album (December 10th).. It was great seeing him and hanging out over our usual Chili’s spot.  We sat and talked for an hour and a half before he dropped me back off at Jamie’s.  I did some online work and started to pack up my things.. my good friend Lisa picked me up around 10pm and we ventured into Sandy Springs for dinner with Jamie and Shelby.  We sat there for 2 hours and before we knew it, it was 1am.. so we said our goodbyes and Lisa and I headed back to her place.. I’m crashing on her couch tonight so she can take me to MARTA in the morning so i can hop my flight back to Michigan!

I gotta say some thank you’s from this Atlanta stay this month…  Ben & Kim Rowell, Danny, Jamie, & Lisa… thank you all SO much for letting me stay with you guys!!

Tomorrow morning I become a Michigan resident once again!  It will be very strange to be there as my ‘full time’ residence!

A new chapter begins in 6 hours!