11/29/05 – Highland MI

11/28/05 – Atlanta GA (last day in GA)
November 28, 2005
11/30/05 – Highland MI
November 30, 2005
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So I only ended up sleeping 45 minutes last night… but it was woth it… I awoke at 5:15 so I could be on the MARTA train by 6am…  I took a quick shower to try and wake up then Lisa (the trooper) gave me a ride to the train… I arrived at 6:45 and security check was LONG… but the timing was just right as when I got to my gate as the plane was boarding…

I’ve lost 146 pounds since I’ve flown… amazing what a difference it made..  1. I sat and fit comfortably in the seat and 2. I could put the tray table down with PLENTY of room to spare…  those were two things that many take for granted that I could NOT do before…It was a great feeling.

My flight left Atlanta at 8am and I got to Flint at 9:50.. my dad took time from work to run up and get me and drop me off at the house..  I was beat.  I met up with my old friend Brian Kuzma for a bit… we played some tunes for each other and are going to do some writing/recording again together.

Got home at 11pm and was gone… came upstairs to my new room and managed to stay up 2 hours… I’ll be sleeping shortly.