11/30/05 – Highland MI

11/29/05 – Highland MI
November 29, 2005
12/01/05 – Highland MI
December 1, 2005
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Day #2 in Michigan for me started at 1:30pm.. I slept for 12 hours and LOVED it!! I woke up and sent some e-mails and took a shower before heading down to Novi.. I met up with my mom to do some clothes shopping.. I also went to the Apple store, where they replaced my fried iPod.. (gotta love the AppleCare plan!)

Came back and had a chicken & baked potato dinner which was good and then ventured up the room to install music on my ipod.

Laying low tonight… I’m going to go get my Michigan driver license tomorrow…

Also, tomorrow, Ashton Allen’s video makes its debut on launch.com

Ashton Allen – Music Video Debut!!