12/01/05 – Highland MI

11/30/05 – Highland MI
November 30, 2005
ASHTON ALLEN – MUSIC VIDEO debut for “Better Than I Know”
December 2, 2005
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Woke up today and began running more errands.. got my birth certificate and such as I’m going to get my new Michigan Driver License tomorrow…

Was out running until about 8pm and came online… did some work.

I updated my online store..  you can now pre-order the new album from Clay Cook & The Torches.  Their new album comes out on December 10th!  go check it out here.

Billy Joel played on Conan O’Brien tonight… He looked and sounded good.. however, I did NOT dig Liberty DeVitto’s replacement on the drums… the performances were definitely missing the feel.

It’s nice to be on a vacation for a bit… I’m enjoying decompressing from the tour!

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