11/9/05 – Tour Update – Nashville TN (last night of tour)

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11/8/05 – Tour Update – St. Louis MO
November 8, 2005
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November 10, 2005
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So we landed somewhere in Kentucky at about 6am… and got a day room… for a great rate, we got a room until 3pm…. so ashton crashed immediately, and I stayed up a few hours putting up the papa vegas page….  after that, i crashed hard…. we woke up at 2:30pm refreshed and ready for our last show!

We rolled into Nashville at 4pm to set up. Our good friend Adrian, whom we stayed with the last time we were in town (September 24th).  It was so good seeing her again.  but we smelled home and could not wait….

Only moments after we loaded the car, it started pouring down rain…  how appropriate?!   We were victorious…. both of us, accomplished 101 shows on the road together… something that we weren’t sure how or if they were gonna happen! But here we are… a machine and a touring force…

We covered 31 states with 101 shows, 24,000 miles, 126 days… what an incredible feeling!!

since we left for the tour… I probably dropped a good 75 pounds… Life is great..  I’m staying with Ben Rowell (former Big Sky guitarist) and his wife Kim… they’re so generiously putting me up for the week!   I felt bad, as we didn’t get into town til nearly 2am and Ben had a 6:30am flight out for work… but he was cool.

I want to thank everybody whom we’ve met on tour… all of the fans, friends, and family who have been just incredible to us and have made us feel like home, even when we were 3,000 miles away from it!

Our dear Livewire friends and family…. Colin, Marlise, Mark, Becca, Lisa, Kelly, Fabian, The Rewinds…. thank you all for EVERYTHING.

Ashton… one of my closest friends….  no better way to become close friends than to be in a car for 4 months with the other person….  these 4 months have taught me a whole new level of love and respect for your music, and you as a person… thank you for trusting the process and taking a chance on me!  Can NOT wait to do this again!

It will feel strange to have an entire week with no shows…  i will catch up on my much much needed sleep…. which reminds me….  zzzz…..