11/10/05 – Atlanta GA

11/9/05 – Tour Update – Nashville TN (last night of tour)
November 9, 2005
11/11/05 – Atlanta GA
November 11, 2005
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First day of not being on tour since July 7th… its strange… so i filled it with tons of errands…   I awoke at 10am for my Dr. appointment I had at 11am.  Dr. Burrowes, my Gastric Bypass & Surgeon has given me the a-okay.. All food restrictions have been lifted… which is crazy to me…  I feel super accomplished with him telling me that….

afte the appointment, I pay a visit up to the SonyBMG office to visit some old co-workers and friends…. and venture to Alpharetta… I had to get new glasses today, since i lost mine somewhere in Oregon… UGH… so i went and got new frames and such….

then I headed over to the Livewire office to visit and Catch up… i met with all the folks there and touched base which was awesome…. I was there for a few hours before heading back to Atlanta (Ben & Kim’s house)… i picked up some Popeye’s to see what happened…. i had barely a piece of chicken which was good.. but didn’t sit right… as it was my first time having it post operation…. but i didn’t get sick!

anwyays.. I ventured up to my room to update my website and relax…. yes relax… tomorow I pack my belongings up and my dad drives it to michigan… where I will soon again live!