12/15/05 – Highland MI

12/14/05 – Highland MI
December 14, 2005
12/16/05 – Highland MI
December 16, 2005
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I slept on and off during the AM.. and finally awoke at noon.. It was snowing like crazy and I had a dentist appointment.. I got to my dentist at 3:15 over in West Bloomfield.. I have to come back in a week.. It was snowing so bad and the roads were getting slippery., I shoveled the driveway when I got in

I got inside at 6:00 and had a great chicken and potatoes dinner (thanks Mom!)

After that I updated the myspaces and Ashton’s website with 11 new Barnes & Noble tour dates!

I chilled and talked to some friends while watching Fresh Prince… No plans tomorrow, any takers?!