12/16/05 – Highland MI

12/15/05 – Highland MI
December 15, 2005
12/17/05 – Highland MI
December 17, 2005
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I hung out with my friend Cindy today..  we went out to Summit Place Mall in Pontiac today… I haven’t been in 2 years..  last time i was here.. the place was hopping, tons of stores, and people walking around and eating.

We came in through the food court and it was deserted.. maybe one or two eaterys open.. it was so crazy.. this mall that I grew up going to was now a ghost town of memories and closed stores..  I’d say the mall’s store slots were about 95% empty..  Sam Goody = Gone, KB Toys = Gone, Sbarro = Gone.. it was so eerie… the Media Play i worked at across the street was also gone.. It appears that since Great Lakes Crossing went up in Auburn Hills.. the Summit Place Mall in Pontiac (which was the first indoor mall in the US) started doing poorly…  now the mall is nothing but closed up stores.. and mom & pop stores in some spots as well as in the aisles in a flea market type fashion.. it was just so shocking!

After that, I made a stop at Barnes & Noble and then home… I got back at about 7pm and then headed back out to Wal Mart and just drove around a bit… It was a relaxing night!