12/17/05 – Highland MI

12/16/05 – Highland MI
December 16, 2005
12/18/05 – Highland MI
December 18, 2005
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Today I ran an errand or two and hung at the house until about 7:30pm.

I then headed over to Jackson MI where Brian Vander Ark (The Verve Pipe) was doing a private-ish birthdy party for a club owner at a Jackson club called The Rocket..  I arrived to him hanging out.  We struck up a conversation and talked for a good 20 minutes before he went on stage.. I sold merch for him tonight.

It was great hanging and seeing him again.. after his set we packed up quickly and headed out to his car.

Tonight was great as he played two songs from The Verve Pipe catalogue that he doesn’t usually play… “Never Let You Down” and one I’ve never heard him play.. “Ark Of The Envious” from the “I’ve Suffered A Head Injury” album.  It was a really fun night and I can’t wait for the Verve Pipe / Papa Vegas / American Accent show this Friday!  It is gonna be a blast!