12/18/05 – Highland MI

12/17/05 – Highland MI
December 17, 2005
12/19/05 – Highland MI
December 19, 2005
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Today I got up and went to Meijer with my Dad for a bit..

I then went over to Brian Kuzma’s house. I’ve had time to sit with my track “Letting Go” (which you may have heard on myspace here).. and decided that I wanted to scrap everything but the rhythm acoustic guitar and bass…  so I met with Brian and we decided to get it done and retrack everything today..

We started with drums.. the new drum tracks sound great and are much more solid than before.. we then did vocals and guitars… now this song has taken the shape I envisioned..  After the last chorus, I knew there needed to be something in the outro/ride-out portion of the song.. and It came to mind really quickly..Brian & I went in and layed it down really quickly..

We finshed the mixes at 11:30pm.. and I just uploaded the new version PLUS an acoustic mix of the track as well..

PLEASE check it out and comment and let me know what you think at http://www.myspace.com/mggtours