12/24/05 – Highland MI

12/23/05 – Grand Rapids MI
December 23, 2005
12/25/05 – Highland MI
December 25, 2005
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Thank you to my mom for letting me sleep in!  I got up at 2pm and slowly awoke.. I started cleaning and organizing for the party… I hopped in the shower at 4:50pm… The family started to arrive… my Uncle John and Aunt Claire, followed by The Robinsons (Uncle George, Aunt Mel, and cousins Katie, Audrey, and Andy and friend Logan!). My sister’s boyfriend Linden arrived as did our family friends The May’s.  Christmas Eve is a huge tradition in my family and this year was great… I was thinner and healthier than ever before and it was a blast… I put two pics up from it!

It was so fun talking and catching up… I haven’t started wrapping any of my gifts yet.. so it will be a long night indeed