12/25/05 – Highland MI

12/24/05 – Highland MI
December 24, 2005
12/26/05 – Highland MI
December 26, 2005
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So I was up til 5am wrapping and such and woke up today at 9am. I so didn’t get enough sleep so i was sluggish ALL DAY.

I came downstairs and we had breakfast first. It was a Christmas Day feast of eggs, pancakes, bacon, beans, toast, you name it!

We then headed to the living room to unwrap and exchange presents. It was really nice to just be with family today and relax… We went to some other family’s place.. Caroline, Raymond, Heidi, and Hannah… We visited with them for an hour or two and then left to have dinner with the Mays.

Got back home at 7:30 and just wound down and then finally fel asleep at 2 or 3… I have no agenda tomorrow so I’m gonna sleep as late as I can!!