12/26/05 – Highland MI

12/25/05 – Highland MI
December 25, 2005
12/27/05 – Highland MI
December 27, 2005
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I slept in.. YES! I woke up at 2:30 and headed downstairs to visit with the fam a bit before heading out..  I ran to Wal Mart to make some returns then picked up my friend Cindy and we headed out to Best Buy for a minute.. Grabbed some dinner at a local restaurant and then headed back to her place…

we played board games with her sister and sister’s friends.. It was good seeing her again.. I left at about 10:15 and met up with my old high school chum Pat Thompson.. We had some food over at the Ram’s Horn and talked a bit..

I ran into my old friend Joanna Pezko on our way out.. Pat and I hung out at my place for a bit and caught up which was really great.. We’re gonna hang out again this week which will be good… Its 6am as i type this and I’m STILL awake.. i’m forcing myself to go to sleep now though!