12/28/05 – Highland MI

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December 27, 2005
12/29/05 – Highland MI
December 29, 2005
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I woke up today and headed right for Brian’s house to do some writing… It was a slow start but we ended up flushing out basic ideas for one new song.. I then left to fill up w/ gas and head to the mall to pay my cell phone bill… I’m feeling sick though… i don’t like this one bit.. by about 9pm i feel sick as a dog.  I have the sore throat, congestion, achy, ect.. you know the drill…

I haven’t had a cold once since I had my surgery, so I guess it was only a matter of time, but I always feel grumpy when I’m sick.  I can’t sleep tonight…  So I’m still wide awake and my parents are up for the day… I talk to them a bit and my dad left for work before 7..  It’s now almost 8:30am and i’m finally able to sleep…  Grumpy as ever and feeling awful.