2/5/08 – September On – Recording Drum Tracks (day 1)

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February 1, 2008
February 6, 2008
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Hello all!  Michael Grosvenor here checking in with a September On album update fresh from the studio!

Today begins the first day of real tracking for the debut September On record!  I hit the road from my home in Madison Heights, MI to make the trek out to Lansing, MI.  Donny Brown from The Verve Pipe has signed on to engineer and produce all of the drum tracks for this record.  I’m quite honored to work in the studio with my good friend and one of my favorite and inspired musicians.

I arrived at Hess Street Studios just before 10am and we began loading in gear and discussing the approach to the drums. It sometimes feels that on the first day of recording an album, that things progress slower than you’d hope… but let me explain… there is much that goes into preparing for a recording session, especially when it comes to drums.

We talked about what drums to use.. I’m fortunate that he has a nice selection of gear that he has offered me to use on this record…. We’re all set up by about 11:30 and start getting the sounds right for the drum tracks…. Things are sounding quite good.

Having not played a ton lately, I’m feeling a bit rusty and self-soncious.. But Donny being an amazing drummer and producer, put that to rest fast and we got to work.

We tackled “Simple Truth” first…  We spent a decent amount of time working on this tune… but it feels good after we do a little drum editing.

Satisfied with today’s work Donny and I call it a day… good news is, both of our schedules are clear tomorrow so we are meeting back in Lansing to work on some more drum tracks!  Hopefully we’ll knock quite a few out tomorrow!

More soon!

-michael g.