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9/24/07 – Not a fun birthday this year!!
September 25, 2007
2/5/08 – September On – Recording Drum Tracks (day 1)
February 5, 2008
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My band, September On, has been gaining a lot of steam these days… here is another new opportunity for us that I / we really need your help on!-michaelThe great folks at have featured September On on their “Next Big Thing” feature. This is a voting contest that will run for the entire month so please click the link below and vote for us!!

You can vote once a day… so this means that you can vote for us 29 times this month.. The bands with the lowest votes get eliminated mid month… so YOU can help us stay in and win this thing! By the way… we started recording our debut album last night… blog and bulletin to come about that! xoxo-September On