9/24/07 – Not a fun birthday this year!!

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June 27, 2007
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So yesterday (9/24/07) I turned 28… I usually love my birthday.. having a good time, seeing friends, loved ones, and hearing from so many old and new friends..  Well this year’s birthday was one I hope to soon forget…

I slept in, being it my day off from work and decided to drive around and hit up some stores to pass the time.  well while en route, my car was involved in an accident… doing some hefty damage to my grandmother’s car (which I have been driving)… birthday ruined!

Jenny came home and her back went out on her while getting ready for us to go to the Tiger game.  so her in pain and both of us in really foul moods… we hoped that the Tiger game would improve that… well the Tigers lost 2-0, thus pretty much ending their chances of making the playoffs!

So the birthday feeling like a wash and still feeling so mad and frustrated about the car accident.. we head home… I was hungry so we decided to stop at Burger King to pick up a sandwich… well they had just demolished it to rebuild it…  par for the course.

So my 28th birthday was a total bust and from the start, I just couldn’t salvage it… and Jenny tried so hard to help my mood.. but i just could not right it.  But hey, if i have a REALLY bad day (or birthday).. i’d rather spend it with her than alone!

I want to thank all of you out there who e-mailed, myspace, facebooked, ect… and wished me a happy birthday.. it means a lot.. and does help put a smile on the face of this bad day.

Talk to you all soon!