7/22/05 – Tour Update – Pensacola FL

7/21/05 – Tour Update – Mobile AL
July 22, 2005
7/23/05 – Tour Update – Tallahassee FL
July 24, 2005
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So lemme first continute my blog from last night….. While Ashton was trying to connect at the hotel, somehow his computer dialed 911… so 20 minutes later, the cops arrive to our room…. as I have cash laid out on my bed, doing the numbers for the day…… quite a site… Im not sure what they thought was going on… but once Ash explained things, they left.

We left at about noon for Pensacola where we met up with our two AWESOME friends Ashley and Amber… hung with them then headed over to this cool little indie coffee vegan shop called End Of The Line Cafe, which is where the show tonight was…. Very small and intimate crowd but they all dug it! Tired we went back to Ashley’s parent’s house where the 4 of us talked and watched Napolean Dynamite… fun times were had…