7/23/05 – Tour Update – Tallahassee FL

7/22/05 – Tour Update – Pensacola FL
July 23, 2005
7/24/05 – Tour Update – Jacksonville FL (Day Off)
July 25, 2005
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A double header in Tallahassee today! We woke up back in the Navarre/Pensacola area and went for a swim with the girls… had a blast and got some sun! Then Ash and I left about 1pm for Tally…. rolled into Barnacle Bills (first show) at 5pm where we had some dinner…. Ashton played a marathon 2.5 hour show through a Marshall amp (don’t ask)… but everybody there was great…. our friends Kathi, Kimberly, and Chris came to hang out and see the show… after the set, we packed up very quickly then headed over to the rock club that Big Sky frequented, Big Daddy’s. Upon arrival, they started spinning Big Sky’s “This Monstrosity” album… it sounded great being played loud through a club PA!

Ashton did a swift 30 minute set with Kathi and I as the audience… Thanks to Robert over at Big Daddy’s for throwing us on to play! It was a good time.

We then piled into the Yukon and threw in “Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back” for the ride home and promptley laughed our asses off. we’re currently in Jacksonville again staying at his best friend’s house (T.O.D.) we’re off for two days here then on for some more FL shows…. leave me some love here…. how is everybody else doing!?