7/24/05 – Tour Update – Jacksonville FL (Day Off)

7/23/05 – Tour Update – Tallahassee FL
July 24, 2005
7/25/05 – Tour Update – Jacksonville FL (Day Off)
July 25, 2005
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So today was our first of the two days off this week.. We headed to TOD’s house in Jacksonville and crashed…. spent Sunday making calls, trying to book shows, and playing some NCAA football on XBOX… had some good meals today…. food is staying down good now…

oh and the HUGE news… I have hit the 100 pound mark. and am now down to 225 pounds!!!! can you believe it?!

We’re off tomorrow too, so I’m going to try and hang with Kenny Nasta (former Big Sky drummer) a bit.. other than that, more show bookings… we need some Carolina dates in august!

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