7/28/05 – Tour Update – Riverview FL

7/27/05 – Tour Update – St. Petersburg FL
July 28, 2005
7/29/05 – Tour Update – Lake City FL
July 30, 2005
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So a good part of the day was spent at T-Mobile, battling with them about the crappy-ass phone they sold me 3 weeks ago when i started service… but we got it worked out and i have a nice new pda style phone. We played at a restaurant called M.J. Barleyhopper’s in Riverview (near Tampa)…. it was a very very very hectic day as we had to scramble to rent a PA… but we got there, put it all up and the show went off great and we got a great response! Tomorrow we drive up to Lake City FL for a show then back for a day off @ The Beach House. I’m beat… but my new phone kicks ass!

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