7/29/05 – Tour Update – Lake City FL

7/28/05 – Tour Update – Riverview FL
July 29, 2005
7/30/05 – Tour Update – Indian Rocks Beach FL (day off)
July 31, 2005
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The BEST vibe so far on the tour….. we arrived at about 6:15pm and loaded in… met everybody at Marion Street Cafe… Soundchecked and did the show…. Everybody, owner, staff, patrons at the Cafe were incredible… It was the best evening so far this tour. After the show i spent nearly an hour having a great conversation with the owner, Tammy, who is really awesome and incredible… felt a really great connection while talking with her… she’s about my age. So fun was had, merch was sold and we’ll be back there for sure! The people I met tonight and the conversations I had were a rare treat.. and leaves me smiling even right now at 5am. This is one venue I really am excited to return to so i can pick back up with the great people we met… Ashton’s parents are gonna be in town over the weekend, and we have some retail walk throughs in the Tampa Bay area…. and I need some sleep.