8/21/05 – Tour Update – Gloucester VA (day off)

8/20/05 – Tour Update – Hampton VA
August 20, 2005
8/22/05 – Tour Update – Newport News VA
August 23, 2005
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Rolled into town… didn’t sleep as well as I thought… so I took a nap on my friend’s couch for an hour and woke up to make some calls.. a bunch of new friends came by Grace’s place and we had a BBQ and just hung out all evening… it was a blast….. one of the highlights of it though was watching a video of an event in Delaware known as Punkin Chunk this will provide you with a LOT of entertainment as it did us… check out that link. ha…. we talked til about midnite and then crashed out…. tomorrow we’re in Newport News. We’re making a lot of great friends… like our new friend Jen who just walked behind me in the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences library where I’m typing this.