8/22/05 – Tour Update – Newport News VA

8/21/05 – Tour Update – Gloucester VA (day off)
August 21, 2005
8/23/05 – Tour Update – Philadelphia PA (day off)
August 24, 2005
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HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks and love to the VIMS crew….  everybody was so cool to us and made us feel like family… by our 3rd night in the area… we drew 30 people on our own… victory!  Grace and Sarah, our gracious hostess’ put us up again.  after a stressful day… we felt good about the way the night turned out…  we have a few days off… so we’re heading to Philadelphia tomorrow to stay with our good friend Lindsey. It was a great time in the Bay area of SE Virginia… but it’s time to move northward…  Oh… also a huge milestone…. i weighed in at 212 pounds… which brings my total loss to 115 pounds!! i’m so excited.   SHIRT SIZE: LARGE.  WAIST: 36

I’ve been working so hard at the weight loss.. it’s been a long and tough journey… but am so happy with how it is going so far… and best of all.. i have NO regrets!