8/23/05 – Tour Update – Philadelphia PA (day off)

8/22/05 – Tour Update – Newport News VA
August 23, 2005
8/24/05 – Tour Update – Philadelphia PA (day off)
August 24, 2005
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So after a fun stint in VA… we have a few days off here… so we spent today heading up to stay with our good friend Lindsey (LBR).  It’s so great to see her again… and It’s so great to be able to set up camp here for a while…. she’s so great to us.  some exciting news for my family and friends back home in Michigan…. tomorrow I’m starting to book the Michigan leg of our tour in September…. so for those who want to see me.. (and I hope its all of you!)… here are the dates we’re planning on being in Michigan…. and such…

Sunday, September 18 – Detroit MI / Taylor MI / Ferndale MI
Monday, September 19 – Ann Arbor MI
Tuesday, September 20 – Chicago IL
Wednesday, September 21- Kalamazoo MI
Thursday, September 22 – East Lansing MI
Friday, September 23 – Columbus / Cincinatti OH
Saturday, September 24th – Nashville TN (MY BIRTHDAY!)
Sunday, September 25th – Atlanta GA (Criminal Records In-Store)