8/25/05 – Tour Update – Philadelphia PA (day off)

8/24/05 – Tour Update – Philadelphia PA (day off)
August 24, 2005
8/26/05 – Tour Update – Washington D.C.
August 27, 2005
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Well today… i bit the bullet and picked up a new lap top, where I am typing this from as we speak…..  It’s working so well, but will take me forever to pay off!  eek…

So today was spent running around and such….  then a few hours at Best Buy getting the lap top going….  then Ash, LBR and I went out for sushi… i didn’t eat. 🙂   hung out and talked for a while before heading back to her place to watch a Frank Caliendo DVD…. the man is the funniest impressionist i’ve ever heard….  tomorrow we drive to DC… i’m excited to see it.