8/26/05 – Tour Update – Washington D.C.

8/25/05 – Tour Update – Philadelphia PA (day off)
August 26, 2005
8/27/05 – Tour Update – Philadelphia PA (day off)
August 28, 2005
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So we ventured south a bit in the morning… headed for D.C.  I drove around for a few hours… taking a few quick glances at the Capitol Building, White House, and various memorials… it was really cool to finally see them in person.

The gig tonight was cancelled… and we headed back up to Philly for some rest and work….  We have quite a few gigs and radio appearances next week which are very exciting…   By the way, my new lap top kicks ass…. I’m loving it….

which brings me to my next point, I’m selling my old lap top AND my fairly new (Thanksgiving 2004) Gateway PC to help pay for this…. if anybody is in the maket or knows anybody who is, PLEASE help me out and throw them or you my way 🙂

One VERY exciting bit of news for me was that tonight, I put on a Live 8 shirt that LBR gave me, size MEDIUM…. and get this…. IT FIT!!!   I can’t even THINK of the last time i had a medium sized shirt on my body…. i’m so extactic about this…. i’m only 10 pounds away from the 199 mark which is a huge landmark for me….  i love it!