9/07/05 – Tour Update – Philadelphia PA (day off)

9/06/05 – Tour Update – Philadelphia PA (day off)
September 6, 2005
9/08/05 – Tour Update – Wyomissing PA
September 9, 2005
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another work day which was busy…. we had 2 shows come in….

September 18th @ Como’s in Ferndale MI

September 21st @ Martyr’s in Chicago IL

I’m getting really excited to go see my michigan friends and family…..  i better see every one of you out at the Ferndale show!  it’s a sunday during the day!   e-mail me or call me for more details!!

Ash and Linds went out and caught about 45 minutes of the Green Day show today…  then they picked me up and we all went and saw “The 40 Year Old Virgin.”  it was one of the most funny and obnoxious movies I have seen in a long time.  after that, I got a BAD migrane and laid down for hours before i could fall asleep…. but it was a good day aside from that…