9/08/05 – Tour Update – Wyomissing PA

9/07/05 – Tour Update – Philadelphia PA (day off)
September 7, 2005
9/09/05 – Tour Update – Staten Island NY
September 9, 2005
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Ok I’ve tried to post this 5 times and it has frozen 5 times… sucks….  so It’s good to be back at it on the road….  we rolled into Wyomissing PA at 5:30 and had a great show @ Stella with Cloud Party and the incredible Liz Longley.  www.lizlongley.com she’s one of the youngest true musical and vocal talents I have seen in some time.  please check her out!

So I’m trying to post this AGAIN.. while chatting with my new friend Liz and slowly getting tired… tomorrow is a big day… and I get to go to NY for the very first time.. im pumped.